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William is a retired geriatrician with experience as a primary care provider, a health care innovator and as a health care executive.  His main priority as a legislator will be to work on improving health care for all New Mexicans.  However, he understands that improving the health of our citizens involves more than just health care.  He also appreciates that a major function of government is to provide a safe community for its citizens. Until we have safe neighborhoods we can't attract quality jobs, keep our smartest and brightest kids in New Mexico and attract qualified employees to relocate here


For those reasons, his priorities will be:


Health Care – the goal is to have affordable health care available to all New Mexicans


Public Safety – a main purpose of government is to make our communities safer.  William will work to secure State funding that adequately supports the city’s efforts at reducing crime and supports treatment for drug addiction and mental illness which are major drivers of crime.

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Quality Education – with particular emphasis on early childhood education so that all our children are prepared for success in tomorrow’s economy


Climate Change – emphasizing our development of renewable energy production so we can reduce our financial dependence on oil and gas production


Addressing these problems will make New Mexico attractive for businesses to relocate and grow here.


Many of these issues involve creating a better health care system.  Currently, there is only one physician in the Roundhouse.  Legislation involving health care needs greater physician input so we can ensure the citizens are covered and physicians’ administrative burden is reduced.  I want to be the “doctor in the House” so I can put my knowledge and experience to work for all New Mexicans.